Registration & Ticketing

You don’t really want to take all of those reservations over the phone by yourself, do you?  Visitours provides a toll free number for your guests to talk directly to our professional staff when making their arrangements for your meeting or convention.  Online reservations and emailed confirmations are also available to provide a fast, professional solution to your registration challenges. 

Our custom designed computer software program offers flexibility in tracking reservations, creating customized reports, as well as printing namebadges, tickets and vouchers.  Visitours also collates and distributes registration packets efficiently and economically, allowing cost-effective use of your staff in other critical tasks.  Experienced hospitality desk staff specializes in welcoming guests with information about the city and efficient operation of tour ticket sales when required.   

Clients include:
Our Sunday Visitor
National Timberwolf Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
International Science & Engineering Fair
5th Regimental Combat Team
Equitana, USA
National Science Teachers
1st Armored Division
Caterpillar, Inc.